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Our Commitment


We take pride in developing each of our products with the sole purpose of preserving the welfare of our clients. Each element we design has a specific function within a balanced system that combines the best of active and passive safety, to make the use of your motorbike and the practice of equestrian sports more comfortable and safe.

Our growth and reputation is a reflection of the excellent performance of the products, that’s why we are committed to each one of the users to make every effort in the pursuit of perfection, and constantly innovate to provide a system of excellent quality with best balance between technology, design and price in the world market.

When using a system AIROBAG ® you are getting the protection of the company and a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who strongly believe in the importance of preserving your integrity and your physical well-being. Under this commitment our team is excited to bring all their knowledge and dedication represented in a highly aesthetic, functional, ergonomic and reliable product.

From all in the AIROBAG ® team, enjoy the road with responsibly.