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    In the event of an accident, shot belt pulls a valve that triggers the bottles of CO2. It inflates the air bag completely, to a nominal pressure up to 5 PSI.

    The system is activated to 100% in just 0.16 seconds. However the the internal pressure is sufficient for protection after only 0.12 seconds.

    Las correas de disparo están diseñadas para ceder hasta 40cm antes de activar las válvulas, las cual cuenta a su vez con un clip de seguridad que resiste hasta 250 Newton. El usuario sentirá un fuerte jalón mucho antes de que el sistema este en riesgo de activarse.

    EThe completely assembled system weighs approx. 700 g.

    Yes, it can be reused many times, provided that it has not been damaged.

    Yes. You just need to remove the airbag from the inside of the garment and follow the instructions on the washing label.

    Yes, just contact us directly or through our distribution network and you can get your parts in a matter of hours.

    The bottles contain CO2 (carbon dioxide) pressure. It is the same gas people exhale and breath and that trees absorb to generate oxygen.

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